Nitrogen Generators

To supply nitrogen gas separated from compressed air with carbon molecular sieve.

 Main features:

  • Compressed air pressure: min. 7,5 bar
  • Purity of produced nitrogen: can be set between 95 - 99,999 %, depending on the needed purity for the particular application.
  • Pressure of produced nitrogen: 5,5 - 6 bar. Optionally, 8-9 bar output pressure can be achieved with higher compressed air pressure (10 bar)
  • Volume of nitrogen produced with a single pair of adsorbers: see the table below:

Model Produced nitrogen
(Nm3/hour, 99,5 % purity)
Air consumption
N-0,5 0,54 30
N-1,2 1,26 61
N-2 2,1 101
N-3 3,2 153
N-5 5,4 252
N-8 8,3 387
N-10 10,7 490
N-15 15,5 708
N-20 19,9 905

Much larger nitrogen flow can be achieved by connecting several pairs of adsorbers paralelly, reaching many hundred m3/hour capacity.

Proper purity for each application

Required purity of nitrogen gas cover a wide range depending on the particular application. For a simple inerting operation, 95 % purity may be sufficient. On the other end, soldering machines for lead-free production of printed circuit boards may need 99,99 % purity.

As the amount of produced nitrogen decreases by higher purity levels, it is recommended to determine the needed purity in order to select the right size generator with the right purity level.

The volume of nitrogen produced in case of a particular nitrogen generator depends on the set purity of nitrogen. This function is shown in the table below.

Data show, how much nitrogen is produced by a nitrogen generator with different gas purities, if the produced volume is 100 unit at 99,5 % purity.

Purity (%) 96 99 99,5 99,9 99,95 99,99 99,999
Produced volume (as percentage of volume produced at 99,5 % purity) 197 128 100 70 59 42 25

Automatic operation

Generators are controlled by Siemens microprocessor based controllers (PLC). Control circuitry operates with 24 V DC. Its power consumption is only 40 W.

Generators automatically stop and start, based on the pressure of nitrogen buffer tank. If the generator was not in operation for a longer period of time, the generator performs a self-cleaning cycle at startup.

Maintenance means only periodical check of compressed air filters - or, if the pressure drop is too high on the filter, the filter cartridge shall be replaced. The pressure drop is shown by a differencial pressure indicator.

Modular design - possibility to further expansion

Nitrogen generators are designed as modular systems. The electronic and pneumatic control of each generator (from N-5 and larger modules) can operate with more than a single pair of adsorbers. Thus, if the need for nitrogen gas increases after the installation of a nitrogen generator, the produced volume can be simply increased by adding new pair(s) of adsorbers at modest costs. The old and new adsorbers will operate paralelly after the expansion.

It shall be considered, that only that adsorber module can be used at expansion, that has been installed previously. For example, a N-10 generator can be expanded by adding an additonal N-10 pair of adsorber, reaching 20 m3/hour production volume.


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