Nitrogen generator applications

Below a few applications of nitrogen generators are listed, where our generators have been successfully serving several customers with reliable nitrogen supply.


Wineries Nitrogen protecting gas can be used in the whole winemaking process to protect wine against oxidation. This way, the reductive winemaking technology can preserve the fruity taste and aroma of wine resulting in more palatable, tasty modern, fruity wine.

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Inerting Nitrogen gas frequently used in chemical industry, oil industry and similar processes where flammable materials is used. Nitrogen inerting can prevent fires, explosions of confined spaces containing flammable materials.

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Fruit storage

Fruit storageSelf life of fruits in cooling warehouses can be significantly increased by modified cooling house atmosphere. Today, the best technology is the ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) technology, where fruits are kept in a cooling house, where the atmosphere contains 1-2 % oxygen. This process needs continuous availability of nitrogen gas.

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Food packaging

Food packagingFoods sensitive to oxydation (like roasted peanuts, chips, coffeee) keep their original fresh flavour and aroma if they are packaged in nitrogen atmosphere. No rancid off-flavours develop in storage. To fill up those small packages (but millions of them) needs continuous nitrogen supply.

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Electronic industry

Electronic industry Nitrogen atmosphere significantly improve the quality of soldering inprinted circuit board production or in other prduction processes where soldering is neccessary. It became especially important since the lead-free soldering became compulsory in most of the developed countries. Nitrogen can be continuously supplied to the soldering operation by a nitrogen generator.

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Aluminium foundries

Aluminium foundries Molten aluminium reacts with water (or, water vapour from the air) resulting aluminium-oxyde (dross) and hydrogen gas that dissolves in the molten metal. During solidification of cast, hydrogen causes porous structure of the casted part, that must be avoided. Dissolved hydrogen can be removed (degassing) from the molten aluminium by bubbling nitrogen through the molten metal. detailed information

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